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Biomedical Proteomic Facility

Director: Boukli, Nawal, Ph.D.


The mission of the UCC Biomedical Proteomic Facility (BPF) is to accelerate discovery by giving investigators access to cutting edge mass spectrometry. This facility focuses on understanding and elucidating the molecular mechanisms behind HIV-1, cancer, multiple sclerosis, substance abuse, neurocognitive disorders and on the development of biomarkers for early detection of diseases. BPF uses quantitative powerful proteomics approaches for both discovery and targeted proteomic analyses to understand global proteomic dynamics in a cell, tissue or organism. "

"The facility is open to all investigators on collaboration or a fee-for-service basis. User fees will be adjusted depending on demand and to keep costs competitive.




  • Bio-Rad Criterion cell ( Gel electrophoresis system )

    The Criterion™ cell is an electrophoresis cell dedicated to running one or two Criterion gels, which are wider and longer than traditional mini gels (13.3 x 8.7 cm). With a single Criterion gel, you can run up to 26 samples in less than 1 hr or accommodate 11 cm ReadyStrip™ IPG strips for 2-D applications. The Criterion cell accommodates handcast or Criterion precast gels.

  • Bio-Rad Criterion Dodeca Cell ( Gel electrophoresis system )

    The Criterion Dodeca cell has the capacity to run up to 12 handcast or Criterion precast gels simultaneously. Criterion gels accommodate 11 cm ReadyStrip IPG strips to give the optimal combination of separation and speed in 2-D electrophoretic applications.

  • BioRad Protean IEF cell system ( Gel electrophoresis system )

    This facility has two instruments available.



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