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HIV and Substance of Abuse Laboratory Core


The laboratory supports research in the areas of HIV/AIDS and substances of abuse. Specialized facilities are made available to researchers for scientific studies in fields of immunology, drugs of abuse, HIV/AIDS and related infectious diseases. The core lab provides researchers with assays for nucleic acids detection, virus genotyping, flow cytometric phenotyping, lymphocyte proliferation, cytotoxic and non-cytotoxic activity, cytokine and chemokine determinations, and drugs of abuse quantification.



    Biological Specimens


    Organisms and Viruses


    • AsPC-1 ( Tumor-derived cell line )

    • H9 ( Cell line )

      Derivative of HuT 78

    • LoVo ( Tumor-derived cell line )

    • PC-3 ( Tumor-derived cell line )

    • SK-N-MC ( Cell line )

    • T-47D ( Cell line )

    • U-87 MG ( Cell line )

    • WiDr ( Cell line )



    • FCAP Array Software ( Software )

      "FCAP Array software facilitates the design and data analysis of bead assays. These assays can detect presence of, or determine concentrations for, multiple analytes (example: proteins and peptides) in a sample."

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